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Being a work at home writer can be a lucrative and liberating job. What is better than working at home, doing your job and having to spend time with the family? We at work at home Philippines, want every Filipino to realize the coming of age of opportunities online. We want people to take advantage of the opportunities online and hopefully make a living at the comfort of their own homes.

We would like to enlighten you about the possibility of earning and working at home being a writer or content/article writer. Being a work at home writer or freelance writer is one of the most popular, sought after job online. Because everybody who can speak English probably know how to write an article. As experience grows, the better and more contacts you can get and more potential of earning money.

Just look at how many people (including Filipinos) who are making a living online just by writing articles for companies in the US, United Kingdom and all parts of the world. See them here. The great thing about it is you can earn dollars and spend it here in the Philippines. Or just save it and wait for it to appreciate for a better return in the future.

Where To Apply as a Work at Home Writer?

There is a site that offers people the opportunity to apply to different kinds of jobs, especially article writing jobs. oDesk is the world’s leading job market place that anyone can sign up for free and start applying for jobs and earning money in real time.

Join oDesk and Apply as a Work at Home Writer

Step 1: Sign up for FREE ACCOUNT

Click here to create a FREE ACCOUNT on oDesk.

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: Fill In Correct Info

Make sure you click on the Freelance Contractor – I want to earn money as an independent contractor . Make sure you fill in correct info as potential employers will try and contact you. Always build your business and work with trust and opportunities will come.
Step 2: Fill Up Form

Step 3: Apply for Work

Then hop in and apply for jobs. There are literally hundreds of jobs in each field ranging from article writing to graphic design to programming and even book keeping. I’m sure you will be busy for a couple of weeks doing some work and earning some money. The good thing is, you didn’t even left the house!!!
Step 3: Apply for Jobs!

Join oDesk and Apply as a Work at Home Writer

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  3. Hi I’m interested. Is it for free?
    please send me the details on how to go about it.

    appreciate your soonest reply.


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