Work At Home Philippines Is Looking for Suppliers

We at work at home Philippines visions every Filipino people have their own business at home to help and provide a living for their families. We do not ask anything in return nor we run for politics. This site is a non profit website and we only aim to help. We can all make this happen by supporting business (big and small in the Philippines).

The objective of this post for today is to get in touch with suppliers. As you know, we have a huge list of business ideas but most of the people who are interested in these businesses are out of luck when it comes to looking for suppliers with raw materials. Because of this problem, we wish to contact suppliers of any materials on any businesses to place their contact info so we can publish them on the site. Making it easier for other business minded people to contact you. It is a win win situation and its free.

If you supply materials for the said businesses on our list, please contact us. Please put your:

Business name:
Contact person:
Description (What materials you supply):

on the message field. And we will put you on our supplier’s list.

Hoping to keep in touch with you!

2 thoughts on “Work At Home Philippines Is Looking for Suppliers

  1. im looking for a supplier for perfume bottles, make up and soap materials hope you can help me. thank you.

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