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This will be our first tutorial tutorial about the online business and online jobs. To learn more about offline business ideas or “brick and mortar” businesses as we call it, just use the search box on your right to look for work at home business ideas that you can start.

Without further ado, let us start our first ever work at home online blogging tutorial.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging, as we know it is a website where the author writes about his experiences in life as he lives on this earth. Talk about an online diary of your escapades. But not too long ago, a lot of people have been earning money from blogs. They discovered a way to make a profit out of their blogs by offering ads on the website.

How A Blog Earns Money?

Let’s state a scenario. Juan likes to eat. He goes to a lot of different restaurants in Manila and he writes a review of each restaurant he visits. He gives his own experience, good or bad and what he likes about the restaurant. How is the food on this restaurant. Then months came, people find his site. These people find Juan’s reviews valuable as they will already know which restaurants are the best to visit. His visitors grew from searchers to readers and followers, from food tripping youths to business people wanting to find a good restaurant for a business lunch/dinner meeting or deal.

Juan’s blog has become a valuable asset that people can rely on when it comes to food tripping and restaurants.

Restaurant owners now found out about Juan’s blog and saw the potential of attracting customers from Juan’s blog.

Do you see where I am getting at? The restaurant owner may find it valuable to advertise his restaurant on Juan’s blog. Therefore, offering Juan some perks or monetary value for the customers he brings.

This is how blogs earn money. They provide value that advertisers / businesses might find interesting and might give them profit.

How Much Can I Earn If I Blog?

People always seem to ask this question and I don’t blame them. Its the reason why we want to earn money right? 🙂 Blogging can be a lucrative work or a waste of time. It depends entirely on what topic you are on. Lucrative markets that you can blog about are the financial industry, technology, real estate industry, businesses and more. Companies in this type of industry are willing to pay large sums of money to get as many exposure as they can. There is one blog I know of in the Philippines that claim to earn Php 20,000 per day because of real estate ads. Let’s keep it private but you get the idea. Companies are willing to spend on advertising on blogs as another source of exposure other than the TV, billboards or newspapers because its a whole lot cheaper.

This is just an idea, of course, each industry is different from the others.

How To Start A Blog?

If you’re still reading the post, chances are you want to start your own blog. If you are, then you’re on the right track. I will guide you on how you can start your own blog in minutes. There are 2 ways you can start a blog and I will explain in a minute.

Free Blog vs Personal Blog

A free blog is something that are hosted on a free platform. You may notice some sites with names that are unusual than the normal These free blogs incorporate your name after their blog platform. An example of which is Hence, your free blog will have a name like

On the other hand, a personal blog is your own blog on your own server. If juan has a personal blog, he will have a name of This is just an example but you get the point. The benefit of having a personal blog is that you are in control of your site.

Now, to compare free blog vs personal blog, a free blog most of the time has ads and banners and popups out of the box. This is how the free blog platform operate most of the time. These ads are not yours but theirs. They are the one earning from your blog if you are on a free blog. And of course, don’t forget the fact that they can remove your blog as they please, because, you really don’t own the blog. That’s what you get for free.

On a personal blog, you can do whatever you want. Put ads in there and the money it earns is yours to keep. Plus, having your own personal blog is a professional thing to do. Always think big… Would companies want to spend money on a free blog with lots of advertising in tact that they don’t even know who’s who OR a personal blog with clean professional feel and companies will know that you are dedicated to the site? I know what they will answer. Most likely, about 90%, they will want to advertise on a personal blog.

How To Get A FREE Blog

Here are a list of free blog sites that will let you get your own blogs for free. Pick the one you like. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment below and I will add them to the list.

  2. Hubpages
  3. Blogsome
  5. (in case you didn’t know, friendster has a blog feature)

How To Get A Personal Blog

A personal blog needs 3 things.

  1. A domain name
  2. A web host
  3. A blogging platform

A domain name is the name of your site like A web host is someone who will take that domain name and point it to your site. Think of the domain name as an address like your home address and the web host is your house. You need to “house” the blogging platform to have a complete blog.

The best blogging platform today is wordpress that you can get at You need to install it on your web host once you download the file. But do not worry. SnoobHosting, a web hosting in the Philippines, offers this in one package. As an added bonus, there is also a promo of 50% discount when you avail today. You just need to shed a little bit of money for the domain name and the web host. The blogging platform, they offer the installation for free of charge.

Earning From Your Blog

Now that you have a blog setup. You need to make some contents. Depending on what kind of topic you want to talk about, create 5 or more posts on your new blog and then once it is done, head over to

What Is Adsense?

Adsense is just one way of earning money from your blog. This is NOT THE ONLY WAY. But just 1 way out of hundreds of ways. Adsense will pay you for every click your visitors make on the ads on your site. You can not click on your own ads though.

Register on adsense and fill up the form. They will ask for your site, so just enter the domain name of your new site and wait for them to approve your application.

Once approved, you can add the code to your site to start earning money.

Where To Go From Here?

Always post on your blog regularly. If you have some questions about this article, don’t hesitate to ask.

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  2. I am jobless right now and had tried applying ssseeeevvvverallll times but to no avail.. With 4 kids around, I hope and pray I will still be able to earn while staying at home. Kindly assist me into getting a home-based job. I am very good at touch typing and my speed will benefit those who have bulk of typing jobs.

    Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.

    God bless.

  3. this is a break through for everyone whose jobless right now, sounds easy but i think this would take a pretty long time and lots of practice….thanks a lot

  4. blogging is true and you can make a decent living with it. If you go to business seminars, they already teaches blogging as a business.

  5. Wow. Nice post and Filipino-centric.

    I read somewhere that popular techblog earns $6000 per month from Google Adsense alone.

    I’ve started a blog for 2 months and still hasn’t earn me a single dollar. hhaha.. I now understand that it’s on the target market. mine is a personal blog so it doesn’t attract much attention other than my friends.

    Anyway, great post.

    How much do you earn here? It’s No. 1 in google’s “work at home” search…

  6. Will the WordPress platform allow me to write about several topics? I mean, does it have a system of links to guide readers; lets say from food to technology to lifestyle, etc.

    Another thing. Does snoobhosting allow my domain name to be changed once it’s been purchased?



  7. Thanks to this post, really informative! esp. for someone like me who’s been wondering what blog is, how to do it and how some people earn from it.

    Now I know how to start my business!

    Thanks! 😀

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