Work At Home Guide

This is our on going work at home guide for beginners. Will tackle different kinds of work at home opportunities as well as tips.

Why Work at Home?

Who doesn’t want to work at home? Being with your kids and working in your pajamas in the morning without having to answer to a boss and have freedom with your own time. There seem to be no negative side of working at home and is one of the most sought after job since the invention of the internet.

Keep in mind though that freedom and security doesn’t always come together. Having the freedom of working for yourself also means no security with the money coming in every month. As working at home also means having your own business, and in business you are not sure how much money will come in as your pay check. Everything depends on you and your productivity. With the internet so busy and interesting its easy to get side tracked and watch videos on youtube and facebook. But we are not here to discourage you. But to inform you. It’s all up to your hands after all.

Different Kinds of Work at Home Opportunities

In this site, we have 2 kinds. Work at home businesses and work at home jobs.

Work at Home Jobs

We list different websites that offer work at home jobs such as typing, data entry and filling surveys.



Work at Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today

With very little investment, you can start your own business at home.






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  3. Hi, i’m interested to write an article and make money out of it. Is this really true? write a blog and make money? I’m a freelance online marketing agent. I want to add some work and make more money. Is this in the Philippines? I’m not a good writer but i can write about good ideas, life style, practical things, fashion tips, health and more. I hope i can start immediately.

  4. hi i am interested of working at home…the position i am applying for is VA kindly send me an email if this is still available and tell me what are the requirements i need to submit….i am working for more than 10 years and have a wide experience in administration, management, procurement and sales/marketing..

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  6. hello! I would like to work as a Data Entry job and can i start working right now? Pls do help me. Thanks and more power~ God bless!

  7. hi…i want to become a blogger someday…can u give me some idea to become a blogger? thank you and God Bless!

  8. i badly need money to help and support my family.please teach me how to do it bec i am so interested of this all

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