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There are lots of opportunities in the world and having the internet only adds to those opportunities. Did you know that it is possible to work at home and have a job sitting in front of your computer… in your pajamas? Yes. There are thousands of work at home and online jobs available nowadays and today, we will be tackling about that in this post. We will try to be as detailed as possible because we know that most of our visitors are new to this. Please leave a comment if there is something you do not understand, we will try our best to resolve that.

To apply for online jobs and start working at home, you must know the basic requirements.

Requirements On Work At Home Blogging

A computer – Very important

A Paypal account – To receive your money from this type of job, you NEED Paypal. This is the most important requirement. You can’t work for free right? And you need paypal to buy some of the things you need to get started. Think of it as expenses you make when applying for a job (transportation etc). You need spend a little money first to get started. If you want to know how to create a paypal account, here’s a guide on how to create paypal account.

A common sense.

Work At Home 1: Blogging


Get a domain, you should have a name for your site. The cheapest place to buy domain is Godaddy.

Get a web host, you should also have a space to place the blog. A name is not enough, you should have a place for it. The most reliable web hosting out there is hostgator.

Now that is done, you can download wordpress, Install it and you have a blog!


If you have no money to spend on hosting and domain. Do not worry. There is what you call free blog hosting that google offer. Yup. You can get started blogging for free and still earn. Head over to and sign up for an account.


The reason why we list blogging as the first work at home job is because it is one of the most popular work at home and online jobs out there. Inspired and orginally for pregnant and housewives who have nothing to do in their free time. Blogging is now a profession and people who “blog” for a living are called professional bloggers.

Income potential: ranges from $100/ month to $5000/ month or more.
Depends on how dedicated you are. Filipino Blogger, Abe Olandres at claims to earn $5000 (more than P260,000) per month, at home, in his pajamas.

To define blogger in our own words is to write something, anything about yourself, your hobby and your life. It is like a diary that can be seen by anyone on the internet. Some people consider it therapeutic as it releases stress. Most people earn from blogging ranges from $100 a month to $5000 per month and most top notch bloggers in the US earns millions per month. Please watch the video about blogging as featured in Mel & Joey.

The good thing about blogging is that YOU HAVE NO BOSS.

Blogging Tips

  • Write things you are passionate about.
  • Write on a regular basis and stick with it. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever.
  • Keep your content unique. Do not copy from other site.
  • Socialize with other bloggers. Socializing will give you visitors to your site equals to more money.
  • Comment on other blogger’s blog.

How Do You Earn Blogging?

Sell Advertising Space

Bloggers earn a lot of money selling advertising to their site. Once they have a blog set up, they will buy plugins like oiopublisher to sell their advertising space.

Networks can also do this.

  1. Chitika

Text advertising

Instead of selling banner advertisement. Some bloggers prefer to sell links to their sites. Sites like inlinks provides just that service.


Adsense is owned by Google and is one of the largest advertising out there… It lets you earn money by getting paid everytime a person clicks on an ad. Join adsense.


Adbrite is one of the uprising star in internet advertising. They are included in inc 500’s top fastest growing companies in the US. It is like adsense but doesn’t have the strict rules. You can get accepted easily. Join Adbrite.

Paid Reviews

Bloggers earn a lot just by writing things they love. If you build your reputation right in the “blogosphere” as they call it, you can sell a review of a certain product, company or service ranging from $1 – $500 per article. Yep. That is right, per article, per essay or whatever you call it. How many article can you write in 1 day? With a little hard work, imagine the possibilities. There are lots of paid review sites out there and we will list them here:

  1. Review Me
  2. Pay Per Post
  3. Sponsored Reviews

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  1. hi im interested, how can i start? please help. Is it required to have a paypal account first? before start to blog? How to get a paypal account? ty

  2. i want to apply any of the online jobs, whether part time or full time. pls do find me some work, i am willing to apply and work in your company. thank you.

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