Pot Holders Business

One of the easiest home business to start is a Pot Holder Business. In this guide, you will know how to create your own pot holder that you can sell for a profit. Why this business can become successful and how much a pot holder business can profit.

A pot holder is an easy craft project that can be completed in one afternoon.Most of your capital will go towards buying fabric, as most of the equipment is found in the usual household sewing kits.

Today, we are going to discuss how to make pot holders and why it is a viable business at home.

Why this will click

People usuall don’t think of pot holders until the time comes when they need one! But while these items are basic household necessities, you won’t encounter much competition when it comes to hand-made pot holders. Simply focus on making attractive, quality pot holders that will stand out in the marketplace.

How To Make the Pot Holder

  1. Cut your fabric – 7 inches by 7 inches for the front section and 8 inches by 8 inches for the back.
  2. Layer the fabric together – with the back piece wrong side up, your padding material on top of that, and finally, the front piece right side up. Carefully, pin the three pieces together.
  3. Sew the three pieces together. “Quilt” the stacked layers together, sewing parallel rows of straight stitching about 1 inch apart across the square. Turn the square 90 degrees and stitch parallel rows again at right angles to the first lines of stitching, forming an allover quilted square pattern. Or, if desired, stitch diagonally to make quilted diamond shapes.
  4. Once the square is quilted, trim the edges as necessary, using a ruler and a pencil to form an even square. Or, for a round potholder, center an 8-inch plate on the quilted square and trace around it, carefully cutting of the marked corners.
  5. Finish the edges of the potholder with pre-folded bias tape. Starting at a corner, place the slightly wider side of the bias tape along the bottom edge of the pot holder, and fold the narrower side over the raw edges of the fabric.
  6. Be careful easing the tape around the corners of the pot holder, making sure not to over stretch the tape around corners or curves. Pin the tape into place as you go. At the end of the pot holder, leave 2.5 inches of extra tape.
  7. Beginning at the starting corner of the tape, stitch carefully over the thick-side of the tape, as close to the inside edge as possible. At the end of the pot holder, use the extra 2.5 inches to make a loop for hanging the holder. Continue stitching all along the extra tape, and then double the tape back and stitch its end to the edge of the potholder a few times for durability. The loop should lie at the corner of the pot holder.

How Much Will I Make:

One yard of fabric yields about three potholders. You may sell each for P200 to P250, even higher for highly customize designs which you can sell to cooking schools or at neighborhood markets.

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