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Work At Home VS Traditional Work

Humanity has yet entered another revolutionary change. These changes affect every aspect of our daily lives, and all these are due to the gradual technological advancement that we achieved. Such changes also opened various new opportunities for those who seek employment, in terms of Working Online at the comfort of your own Home. The concept of Work At Home would be considered as just a dream if brought up 5-10 years ago, and someone saying that he would like to Work At Home would be judged as a crazy person, but as I’ve said it is now possible because of the technological advancement we gained through the years.

Work At Home can now be considered as an emerging trend or conventional way of earning money, Work At Home can be classified into two main categories, either you set up a Work At Home Business or apply for a Work At Home Job in which is most commonly associated with rendering services to clients or employers online. Let us discuss these two types further and classify their differences.

Work At Home Business

This is typically the same as any businesses you can think of, the only thing different is the way you transact with your customers. Since the emergence of the internet and the thorough development of online transactions, many businesses has moved from traditional marketing transaction to the new internet based marketing, in which they saw this as an opportunity to increase their profits and to reach out to more potential customers. This is quite a wise move for it allows you to have a wider range of market. The most common scenario would be putting up a website which has the information about your business, product, and ways of how to contact you then voila your business is now exposed to the whole world. Let me remind you though that in order to succeed in this type of field you must have a creative mind, you must offer something unique or new to your customers, something that will stand out and arouse their curiosity that it makes them want to transact with you. Bear in mind that having a wider market also means greater competition, and it also means more work and effort to be shed. Note that not everyone would transact with anyone they do not know personally and this can be a crucial aspect to any Online Business.

Work At Home Jobs

Work At Home Jobs is a very flexible field, it is quite similar to the traditional get up and go to work that almost everyone is doing, the only difference is that you render your work to clients or employers online, and you do your work at the comfort of your own home. What more could you ask for right? The fact that every company is always in need of someone who would do extra work for them for extra money has given this field the opportunity to rise. Freelancers have been abundant on the internet for more than two years now, and they fill up these demands quite well. In order to fully grasp this concept let us state the advantages and disadvantages of having a Work At Home Job.


You have control on your time, since most employers would prefer workers whom are part timers both parties can set up a schedule in which would be your working hours, not to mention that we have different time zones.

Not working in a single full-time job would enable you to take on different jobs simultaneously, thus increasing your income.

You can earn more online than you can in your particular office salary, since most transactions would pay you in dollars your income would increase because a single dollar would equate to more than 40 pesos.
Less expenses, since you would be working at your house you would be able to save yourself from travel expenses and you can cook your food rather than eating at restaurants everyday at lunch.

Non-Routinary, if ever you get bored at what you’re doing you can simply finish up your contract and find other interesting things to do, there is a wide variety of fields available for you, and constant research will help you perform well even on fields that you don’t have expertise. Information is abundant in the internet, and it is free.


Since the emergence of this unique field, there are also some people whom want to use the opportunity to take advantage of you in terms of scams, spams, and other ill natured acts on the internet.
Some deadlines and schedules would require you to cope up with your employer’s time zone, thus you have to be capable of adapting to different working schedules if needed.

Higher competition, since the internet is accessed by the whole world, it also follows that you have the whole world as your competitor.

You need to exert extra effort, do extra work in terms that you need to be always up to date with the latest trends and styles. You won’t be very successful if you fail to do so.

No Insurances, unlike in traditional jobs in which you are under a company, they provide you with insurance, health cards, and other benefits, in a Work At Home Job you won’t be able to get these for you don’t even know your employers personally.

No steady job, you must be ready to accept the fact that every job you take won’t be for long. Have yourself trained to cope up with changes and shifts so that you would learn for every transition you encounter.

No Colleagues, unlike in an office or company in which you would work in a team, having a Work At Home Job would mean solitude, you will have no one to rely on but yourself and the tools you use.
To make things clear, it is not our goal to force you to do these kinds of jobs or businesses we just want show you that there are options aside from the traditional ways of how we do things, still the choice is yours.