Marketing Your Work At Home Business With Shoe String Budget

Let’s say you have chosen a work at home business from a large list business ideas on this site. You have developed and created the product and have your friends and family test it out. You think that it’s ready to go and earn some money. But you suddenly realized. It’s not like a lottery stand where you build it and people will come. New businesses will have to (eventually) market their product to earn money and generate sales. This post is about marketing your products at home! And knowing how you can save a lot of money marketing it using our trusted computer.

In this day and age, computer is now a necessity. Every family have (and should) own a computer. It just makes our life easier. Work at home jobs are possible so why not business and marketing? People can shop and buy now online and a lot of millionaires where made because of this break through. Business can be done on the internet, so why not marketing as well?

For starters, marketing in the internet should be cheap, if not free. We will list all the possible ways to save precious money for a starting business, so let’s get started.

Internet Marketing 101

This way of marketing is called internet marketing. Where you will use the internet to attract customers. Many business owners today (especially in the Philippines) are still close minded when it comes to the potential of the internet. I actually been arguing to some of the business people I know about its benefits and ease of use and its potential. But I guess, old habits die hard as they say and they still continue to cling on old habits like handing out brochures and flyers in the streets. This is an advantage for you who read work at home Philippines. We should always change and improve through time and making profits using latest methods. This is definitely an edge for you so take note.

Web 2.0

As we now, the internet has been there for quite a while now. And the 2nd generation of websites are blooming. Hence the name web 2.0. We are in the internet age where websites can now publish content according to the users who visits them. And this is an advantage for businessman/woman like you. You broadcast your business to the world literally with a click of a button. Here are some of the web 2.0 sites that can help your business succeed.


Twitter is a great marketing tool. People (meaning your customers) can follow you and know updates from your business. You can answer their questions and inquiries. It’s simple and easy to use. Create one for your business today.


Making a profile for yourself is good. But making a profile for your business is better because it can earn you money. Customers can see your products, contact you, ask questions and discuss among themselves and get feedback to develop a better product. Take advantage of facebook and you’ll see that your business will spread easily.


Yes, its a video site. But an advantage of having a video about your business is that people can learn to trust someone that shows them exactly what your business does. Show them exactly what products you are offering and its always better than a still picture.


A lot of businesses spur in multiply. In fact, its very populated with businesses promoting their products in there. Join multiply and experience it yourself. You’ll get to connect with other businesses and hopefully get ideas from your competitors as well.

Each site can generate your business around 1,000 visitors per site (at least). And there more web 2.0 sites than you can ever imagine. Try handing out flyers and brochure to 1000+ people and lets see if you still have the money to reinvest in your business. All these sites are free and can get you customers. If you have an official website about your business, you can link to them where all your official information are there. To do this, you need a web hosting and a domain provider.

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