Work at Home Mom Earns P175,384.64 Per Month (Interview)

Work at home is not a myth. Nor is it impossible. This is the lines said by a successful work at home mom that earns his living online. With her computer, in her house, with her kids. We thought that the readers of work at home will gain education and hopefully some tips and guidance should they want to venture into this kind of business / work.

We won’t be naming the work at home mom as she would like to remain anonymous. Without further ado, our interview with a work at home mom.

WAHP: How did you start being a work at home mom?

Work at home mom: I started as a call center agent. But the working hours of graveyard is not for me. My health is suffering due to lack of sleep. So I resigned. Being a bum for a long time and being a single parent for my 3 year old daughter, I took the plunged and tried online jobs at first.

WAHP: What kind of online jobs did you start of with? Any sites that you can state so other people can follow your success?

Work at home mom: Certainly… I started working as a data encoder… Whatever they call it… Where you will answer survey questions and they will pay you on how much survey questions you can answer.

WAHP: How did that worked for you?

Work at home mom: Very good. Its enough to keep me and my baby afloat. I’m not asking too much. All I need is to support my child financially. But then I thought that if I want to give my child a better future (like any other moms). I need to find some other ways where I can earn more.

I tried different things.

WAHP: What other jobs did you take? Is it also online?

Work at home mom: Yes.. Its still work at home. After experiencing the benefits of working at home… I still want to search better jobs online. Since I am well versed in english because of my first job… I signed up on odesk and took my first client. The job this time is writing articles.

WAHP: Are you happy with that job?

Work at home mom: Yes! Very much. But there has been a time that you need to put in extra hours so you have to earn more. A lot of American clients are very generous and will give you more than you ask for. And sometimes having too much job because a drawback instead of a gift. But I’m not complaining. 🙂

WAHP: So you mean, you got tired of writing articles?

Work at home mom: Its not like that. I would want to explore more things. I mean, I already know that article writing can give me and my child a good living… I want to find something that’s more passive this time. Something that keeps on earning money in case I don’t have the ability to work or got sick.

I have read a lot of blogs out there (and one of those blogs are yours). I was very impressed with the idea of earning money thru blogging and tried it.

WAHP: Thank you. Have you read any materials on the subject of blogging? Did anyone taught you?

Work at home mom: No one taught me. I believe everything you want to know is on the internet. Its just a matter of searching. I like your post about blogging.

WAHP: So, after doing a bunch of research… How long has it been since you started your blog? And how was it, in terms of earning from then to now?

Work at home mom: The more I do my research, the more confident I grew. I know that my skills in english and writing articles can be very beneficial in my new found love, blogging.

It has been 4 years since I started. Of course, my earnings from blogging only amounts to around $5.00 to $10.00 (P250 – $500) per month. Nothing much to be proud of… But when you get the hang of it… My earnings improved. And I am now enjoying the benefits of my labor.

WAHP: Is it ok if we see a proof of your earnings?

Work at home mom: Of course, please do leave out my name and address, I would like to remain anonymous and only help the people and hopefully encourage them to trying hard.

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WAHP: That’s quite a large amount of money for someone working in the Philippines and at home. Do you have any words for our readers and people who are interested to venture into this field?

Work at home mom: Yes. My only advice to them is to never stop learning. Keep on reading and searching for the things that will make you happy and blog about it… Because of that. I have been successful. I want fellow Filipinos to be successful as well.