CashCrate Review: Is It A Scam?

We have been receiving a lot of emails, some rants and others, offensive emails and comments on our site about the work at home site we have made a post about a couple of months ago, CashCrate.

We are happy to receive these comments, good or bad as any feedback is great to screen which work at home sites are legitimate and which are scams. So to end these bad comments and hopefully encourage people to try to work at home, I made an account with cashcrate and fill up a couple of surveys to get to the $20 threshold where they will send me checks. And we are not disappointed. CashCrate is a legitimate company as seen on the check.

Proof of Payment

The check was delivered to our doorstep here in the Philippines.

For people still undecided or afraid to try CashCrate because it might be a scam… It is not… Registration is free and the earning potential is great. And fits the purpose of this site, work at home.

You can register for free with CashCrate using this link if you haven’t done so.

I hope we have cleared any doubts about this site. We are only here to help. Good luck to all of us. Happy earning!

2 thoughts on “CashCrate Review: Is It A Scam?

  1. Hi! I’m Chever from Philippines and would like to ask something..
    How come you get a lot of offers? I mean, I only have one offer available and I need to deposit $10 first. and when I click it I get redirected to some place and says “Sorry, this offer is not available in your country.”
    I just registered today and since sem break is coming I thought I’d try these kind of things. I’m a 13 year-old male btw.

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