5 Great Online Jobs that You Can Work at Home

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, a student, or a full-time employee who wants to earn some extra income during your spare time, there are online jobs that you can work at home!

During hard times such as these, who wouldn’t want some additional income flowing in to your account? We all need a little help to keep us going – that’s for sure. Thankfully there are a lot of online jobs that you can work at home. This is especially a wonderful blessing to moms all over the world who want to look after their kids but earn their monthly paychecks, too. After all, there’s nothing wrong or sinful about having the best of both worlds, is there?

Although some online jobs require you to work around a certain schedule, there are some that will allow you to enjoy the flexibility of choosing when and where to work. As such, you can do all the things you need to do without going out of your way to do it, or worrying about having to call in sick. You’ll have the liberty to send your children off to school every morning and be there when they come home. You can take care of them when they’re sick, and be there for them whenever they need you.

So, what choices do you have if you decide to finally work at home? Here are some of the top online jobs that you can work at home:

Write your way to online income. Do you enjoy writing? Do you have the gift of the written gab? If so, you just found your place in the online world, and all you have to do is to claim it!

In the internet, “Content is King”. Every website needs a steady supply of articles so there will always be a great demand for good writers. A lot of companies online also require sales brochures and technical manuals so there will always be a need for someone to fill those needs, too. There is also a strong demand for ghostwriters, resume writers, and creative writers so take your pick!

Offer your services as a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you have basic computer and internet skills as well as a working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet applications, then you can consider working as a virtual assistant. So, what actually is a VA and what type of work can you expect by working as one?

According to the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce, a VA is a “solopreneur who specializes in providing ongoing, one-on-one, collaborative-style administrative support”. They operate remotely in their own offices, and communicate and deliver services to their clients using today’s existing technology. While most VAs offer administrative support, their services are not limited to such and may offer more specialized technical or creative services to suit the needs of their clients.

Do web and graphic design. Just as online writers are very much in demand, web and graphic designers will never run out of work in the online world, too. A lot of business owners need a professionally designed, easy to navigate, and highly usable online presence to attract visitors, make them come back for more, and do business with them in the near future. And this is where a good web designer comes in. If you’re interested in providing this service and you have the talent and skills to make it work, you can either start your own web design company online or work for another web design company.

Start a consulting business. If you have specialized knowledge and a professional experience to back it up, you can use it to set up your own consulting business from home. There are people who are willing to pay money for your medical, legal, business or personal expertise.

Join the online sales and telemarketing work force. If you had previous experience in sales and enjoy talking with people, you may want to work at home doing sales and telemarketing. Your tasks may include cold calling sales leads, selling merchandise, or setting up appointments for sales people. Some of these jobs pay a base salary plus commission while others operate on a commission-only basis. Either way, you get to earn your income while doing what you love and at the comfort of your own home. How cool can that be?

So, have you found your ideal online jobs that you can work at home in this list? If not, you can try browsing the internet and look for opportunities that spark up your interest. Remember, there will never be a shortage of work at home jobs so you’ll surely see one that suits you.

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