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Top 6 Best Work At Home Jobs & Opportunities


In this age of technology, it is not impossible now to work at home and earn a living staying with your family and doing all the jobs in the comfort of your own home. This special edition post here at work at home ph will help you explore different types of work at home jobs and opportunity that you can start today. Before we talk about this opportunity be reminded that, in order to get paid in this type of jobs, you must also have a way to receive money at home. The best way is to create an account to an online payment processor, such as paypal to get your money from the jobs you did.

Work At Home As A Content Writer

Being a writer is a lucrative job. Most people working in this type of jobs have the pleasure of working at home at any flexible time while earning dollars. Most of the time, the writer is paid per project or by the hour. If you know how to write articles in English and is comfortable to work and write on different topics (even those you don’t know) then you are in a really great position. If you like to learn and read and research things that you don’t know and be able to write compelling articles after that, then there is no job difficult for you.

A work at home writer can earn hundreds of dollars just sitting infront of his computer. He do a little research and he will be able to come up with a great article that clients will love. And of course a client most likely purchase more articles from them. These clients might be website owners or business owners that needs articles for their websites and business sites. Keep in mind though that being a writer also hold a responsibility. Plagiarism and copying of content is a big no no in this business. Clients will know if you copy stuff and sell the articles to them. If they found out, you will lose clients and your reputation as well. Build you reputation with honesty and diligence and clients will be flooding your emails begging for you to write articles for them.

Work At Home Filling Up Surveys Online

Companies will pay lots of money just to know the market’s opinion. These companies know the importance of market research and that is why they need people to fill out a survey for them so they can plan ahead their business strategy. This is where you will come in. Companies will email you their questionaires or have a website where they will post their surveys and you can participate and get paid for every survey you complete. This is a very easy job that pays in dollars. You have the luxury to pick what kind of survey you will answer as well. People who work at home filling up surveys may find themselves enjoying and because of the easy job, companies are happy as well because of the honest answers you will give.

We have a tutorial about:

Work At Home With Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs has been there since the first days of offline businesses. Businesses needs someone to enter data into their spreadsheets, type some articles in a type writer or just for book keeping. Data entry jobs on the internet has been so popular and because everyone can use the internet may know how to type, almost everybody can apply for this job. Data entry jobs are the foundation of every business so almost all business needs them, which makes it a possible candidate for a high chance to get hired.

Work At Home As Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are kind of like a personal assistants for online business owners, the only difference is that you can work at home using your computer to do the work and communicate with your employer. This type of work at home job allows you to do the task of your employer that is too grunt or manual for them. Like for example, you might find yourself a webmaster employer, to be his virtual assistant, he might make you do some jobs that are related to the web like simple coding, design of his website. Take note that it depends entirely on your employer on what job you will do. This type of job requires the employer to train you and personally communicate so that you can do the job well.

Know your skills and what you can do. There are lots of business owners needing virtual assistants. Find the one that is right for you.

Work At Home Blogger

A blogger is someone who “blogs”. A blog is a term for web log. Meaning a day to day account of what is happening in a person’s life. There’s 2 types of jobs for a blogger. A professional blogger, who writes on other blogs, most of the time a company’s blog, and get paid for it. On the other hand, there is a blogger who is self supported. Meaning, he only writes on his own blog or more blogs that he owns and gets paid by having advertisements on their blog.

The latter part is a self employed one and the income depends entirely on the person’s blog revenue. They have their own website on a paid or free blog hosting and build their site on a platform that allows them to blog like WordPress.

Being a professional blogger allows you to write content for other sites. This type of job can also be considered as a writer that we have discussed above. The self employed blogger have their own websites and his own boss. If you want to get started as a self employed blogger, you will need to build your own website.

We have made a step by step tutorial about work at home blogging.

Work At Home Web Design & Development

This job is more on the technical side of working at home. The job is a high paying one but requires the knowledge of a professional designer and web programmer. If you have the knowledge of coding and design web sites, then this one is right for you. This kind of job is in demand and will never have enough. Because there are literally millions and millions of websites created everyday, this type of job will never ran out of possible employment.


There are different websites that you can visit and register to work at home. Some are paid and some are free. Be responsible enough to do some background check about the company first before signing up for them.

Other Related Work At Home Jobs / Businesses / Opportunities

Work at Home Mom Earns P175,384.64 Per Month (Interview)

Work at home is not a myth. Nor is it impossible. This is the lines said by a successful work at home mom that earns his living online. With her computer, in her house, with her kids. We thought that the readers of work at home will gain education and hopefully some tips and guidance should they want to venture into this kind of business / work.

We won’t be naming the work at home mom as she would like to remain anonymous. Without further ado, our interview with a work at home mom.

WAHP: How did you start being a work at home mom?

Work at home mom: I started as a call center agent. But the working hours of graveyard is not for me. My health is suffering due to lack of sleep. So I resigned. Being a bum for a long time and being a single parent for my 3 year old daughter, I took the plunged and tried online jobs at first.

WAHP: What kind of online jobs did you start of with? Any sites that you can state so other people can follow your success?

Work at home mom: Certainly… I started working as a data encoder… Whatever they call it… Where you will answer survey questions and they will pay you on how much survey questions you can answer.

WAHP: How did that worked for you?

Work at home mom: Very good. Its enough to keep me and my baby afloat. I’m not asking too much. All I need is to support my child financially. But then I thought that if I want to give my child a better future (like any other moms). I need to find some other ways where I can earn more.

I tried different things.

WAHP: What other jobs did you take? Is it also online?

Work at home mom: Yes.. Its still work at home. After experiencing the benefits of working at home… I still want to search better jobs online. Since I am well versed in english because of my first job… I signed up on odesk and took my first client. The job this time is writing articles.

WAHP: Are you happy with that job?

Work at home mom: Yes! Very much. But there has been a time that you need to put in extra hours so you have to earn more. A lot of American clients are very generous and will give you more than you ask for. And sometimes having too much job because a drawback instead of a gift. But I’m not complaining. 🙂

WAHP: So you mean, you got tired of writing articles?

Work at home mom: Its not like that. I would want to explore more things. I mean, I already know that article writing can give me and my child a good living… I want to find something that’s more passive this time. Something that keeps on earning money in case I don’t have the ability to work or got sick.

I have read a lot of blogs out there (and one of those blogs are yours). I was very impressed with the idea of earning money thru blogging and tried it.

WAHP: Thank you. Have you read any materials on the subject of blogging? Did anyone taught you?

Work at home mom: No one taught me. I believe everything you want to know is on the internet. Its just a matter of searching. I like your post about blogging.

WAHP: So, after doing a bunch of research… How long has it been since you started your blog? And how was it, in terms of earning from then to now?

Work at home mom: The more I do my research, the more confident I grew. I know that my skills in english and writing articles can be very beneficial in my new found love, blogging.

It has been 4 years since I started. Of course, my earnings from blogging only amounts to around $5.00 to $10.00 (P250 – $500) per month. Nothing much to be proud of… But when you get the hang of it… My earnings improved. And I am now enjoying the benefits of my labor.

WAHP: Is it ok if we see a proof of your earnings?

Work at home mom: Of course, please do leave out my name and address, I would like to remain anonymous and only help the people and hopefully encourage them to trying hard.

Click image to enlarge

WAHP: That’s quite a large amount of money for someone working in the Philippines and at home. Do you have any words for our readers and people who are interested to venture into this field?

Work at home mom: Yes. My only advice to them is to never stop learning. Keep on reading and searching for the things that will make you happy and blog about it… Because of that. I have been successful. I want fellow Filipinos to be successful as well.